A homepage for Confederac.ió

To consolidate the Confederac.ió homepage is a goal of the alpha phase. The design used is the one offered by WordPress by default (TwentySeventeen), and we have barely deviated from it. This design is simple, and Confederac.ió bets on simplicity. Its neutral look&feel fits well with a project that offers a meeting point for a very diverse range of people and  organizations.

We have also followed the structure that WordPress offers by default:

  1. header with logo and slogan
  2. menu
  3. first section of our own creation updated with the three most recent actions
  4. second section with the last three blog entries
  5. third section updated automatically every day with the five top forum topics, displayed with the Feedzy RSS plugin.
  6. footer with login, legal pages, license, and tag cloud.

What do you think?