1st Fediversal Meeting

Join the 1st Fediversal Meeting

Thursday, May 24 from 6pm to 10pm
CSA Can Vies – c/ Jocs Florals, 42  Barcelona (mapa)
Free entrance

Fediverse is the network of free social networks. If you use Diaspora, GNU Social, Hubzilla, Mastodon… join us.

If you use any of the proprietary nonsocial networks (Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, WhatsApp…) join us as well. Come and learn about the alternatives created by and for freedom lovers!

The idea is simple: let’s meet and have a good time.

Participants in this meeting accept the  code of conduct.


We are aware of the participation of people related with these nodes:

Is yours missing? Contact us and we will add it.

Questions, comments, salutes…

Let’s keep in touch:

And a bit of context:


We are looking for ideas, opinions, promotion, encouragement… Work in progress happens at Confederac.io’s chat room. Don  be shy, most of us have known each other at the Fediverse just recently, and we have never met in person.

Thank you very much to CSA Can Vies for providing the location of this meeting. What is Can Vies? This videoclip captures it very well: CSA Can Vies: El barri combatiu no s’atura. Mou-te!